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888's Inner Circle building set to sparkle on the #Wiami coast

888's Inner Circle building set to sparkle on the #Wiami coast

Welcome to #Wiami the one and only 888 and his Inner Circle! The Wilders are pumped to announce that the 888 Inner Circle will be moving into our Metaverse.

888 has been a massive supporter of the NFT community and we couldn't be more happy to welcome the Inner Circle into Wilder World. The Inner Circle recently launched its first large drop, which also acts as a membership to the Inner Circle.

Comprising 8,888 of the same NFT, the project sold out in a minute and immediately began to get huge traction on the secondary market. As for the NFT itself, a screenshot of 888’s Twitter profile when he hit the magic number of 88.8K followers.

By developing #Wiami’s very own gathering space for artists, collectors and fans alike, the Inner Circle will create a destination in the Metaverse that will bring their community even closer together and continue to expand on ideas that are powered by the heart and soul of digital art.

Just like the Soho beach house, the 888 #Wiami building will be an iconic landmark that will exist as a one of the coolest and hottest places to hang out in #Wiami, where artists & makers will be able to share their work, find new collaborations, and discuss their creations in a fully photorealistic setting.

Holders of the 888 Inner Circle token will be among some of the first to participate in Wilder World’s Metaverse when it comes out of closed beta in 2022. Until then, both projects will collaborate closely together on designing the architecture of the Inner Circle Building.

To celebrate this iconic partnership, we are giving our communities a chance to own a piece of #Wiami history with the Inner Circle Wilder Wheels giveaway. Get more details over on 888’s twitter at 5pm PST.

Join the Wilders and 888’s Chief Experience Officer Karsen.ETH for a Twitter Spaces on October 16 @ 4:00PM PST where we will have some fun brainstorming all the cool things our projects are going to do in Wiami.

Join our Discord, Telegram, and follow us on Twitter for the latest news about the Wilder Wheels drop and how you can get your hands on the custom ride!

We'll see you at the #Wiami Inner Circle Building as a part of our Metaverse unveiling.

The Wilders salute you!