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Animoca Brands' REVV Motorsport is setting up shop in Wilder World’s Metaverse

Animoca Brands' REVV Motorsport is setting up shop in Wilder World’s Metaverse

The Wilders are pleased to announce that REVV, the leading blockchain racing ecosystem, will be opening their very own REVV Chopshop in #Wiami.

Further to the announcement we made with Animoca Brands back in July, we have been working with the REVV team on a number of initiatives, so it made a lot of sense to partner with them given the ability to street race your Wilder Wheels around #Wiami for pink slips in 1-of-1, fully drivable 5D Wilder World vehicle NFTs.

The REVV ecosystem is built from the ground up to be cross-chain, using the REVV token, and providing collectible and game experiences for racing game players - competitive and casual, collectors, and motorsports enthusiasts alike. The REVV Chopshop will be a new and fully interactive, photorealistic home for the REVV Motorsport community in the Wilder Metaverse.

The REVV Motorsport ecosystem is built on the idea of Play-to-Earn, which means there's a method to get rewarded for simply playing the games, in addition to fantastic and different gameplay experiences. It's the perfect alignment with Wilder's Play-to-Earn mechanics.

We will be establishing collaboration events and showcases, as well as the interoperability of wheels and REVV vehicles on future street races. REVV Token holders will be able to hang out at the Chopshop and watch REVV races live, make updates to their Wheels whips as well as street race for them for pink slips.

The REVV Chopshop will open in the heart of #Wiami and will create a virtual clubhouse for REVV’s blockchain motorheads while serving as a Metaverse hub for racing fans across the REVV ecosystem.

#Wiami is Wilder's first release site in the Metaverse, REVV community members will be able to access the Metaverse space when Wilder World comes out of closed beta in 2022 - until then, the two projects will collaborate closely together on designing the architecture of the REVV Chopshop.

In honor of the partnership, we’ve whipped up a sweet REVV Wheels for a community giveaway through the REVV channels! Head over to REVV’s Twitter after 6:00PM PST to enter. Don't forget to join our discord to stay up to date for all things Wilder Wheels!

For more details join our Twitter Spaces today at 5:00PM PST