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Baron Davis backs Wilder World Metaverse and is set to launch SLiC Studios in #Wiami

Baron Davis backs Wilder World Metaverse and is set to launch SLiC Studios in #Wiami

The Wilders are thrilled to announce that Baron Davis has officially backed Wilder World’s vision to create a fully decentralized and community-owned virtual nation to be experienced in our immersive photorealistic Metaverse.

Baron Davis is a two-time All-Star and league record holder in the NBA. During a 13-year career, Baron Davis played for the Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New York Knicks. Davis was a daring point guard who earned fame across the country for pulling off spectacular plays.

As we enter a new dimension of reality, we are super excited by the potential to collaborate with the serial-entrepreneur, investor and creator of thought-provoking content and platforms such as Sports & Lifestyle in Culture (SLiC), The Black Santa Company, BIG, and No Label.

Baron understands the massive ambition of the Wilder World’s vision and the Wilders are honored to have the cultural icon join the family and contribute to the execution of project, starting with bringing all his friends to #Wiami via SliC Studios.

Sports Lifestyle in Culture (SLiC) exists to offer creators and brands the opportunity to freely create, own, distribute and monetize their content. The new Studios will be one of the first to participate in Wilder World’s Metaverse when it comes out of closed beta in 2022. Until then, both projects will collaborate closely together on designing the architecture of Baron’s new Metaverse digs.

Tune into Twitter Spaces at 7PM PST with the creator and connector B-Diddy Wilder, where he will be sharing his excitement about the upcoming Wilder Wheels drop and his thoughts on NFTs and their impact on sports and culture. Plus, he will be giving away a specially designed and customized, 1:1 Baron Davis Wheels NFT.

Enter the giveaway on Baron's twitter here.

An early look at the car Baron will be giving away

The Wilders salute you.