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zDAO Proposal 0

zDAO Proposal 0
Update 8/5/22: Proposal 0 is delayed until Monday, August 15th. Team Wilder will spend the time leading up to that date to work with community members to gather feedback and make adjustments as needed to the proposal. The Wilders salute you!

Blessings Moto Holders!

From August 5th (4:00pm PDT) to August 12th (4:00pm PDT), you will be among the legendary inaugural group to participate in a governance vote on the zDAO protocol.

For full details on voting requirements and an overview of the zDAO experimentation phase we are entering, read our previous Zine HERE.

This proposal has the full support of Team Wilder and was vetted by a group of community members; if passed, it opens doors to massive opportunity for The Wilder Nation.

Let’s dive into it.

Target Goals

The primary goals of Proposal 0 are as follows:

  • Increase the number of unique Wilder asset holders by 10%
  • Establish relationships with a total of 80 projects, communities, and KOLs in the NFT industry that currently remain untouched by the Wilder Spirit and unaware of what we are creating
  • Drastically increase demand for Wilder NFTs across industries
  • Contribute to a successful Wilder.Land launch

Wiami Needs Citizens to Fill the Nation

Today there are an estimated 2,657 unique wallet holders of Wilder NFT assets.

As an organization building a massive metaverse platform (Wiami alone is 13.5x the size of Grand Theft Auto 5), we have a much higher need for holders than a typical NFT project!

With that in mind, becoming an industry leader of holder count is the primary objective of multiple initiatives that our team will be rolling out over the remainder of 2022.

Proposal 0 is only the first activation and there’s a lot more in store. We couldn’t be more excited to begin with this milestone proposal!

Locked Up

A sizable portion of the Genesis Moto Collection is stowed away. As it currently stands, the DAO holds 24% (1,564) of the collection.

This results in:

  • Handicapped ability for new people to enter The Wilder Nation
  • 1,564 Moto sitting idle in the DAO instead of serving a higher purpose for the greater good of all Wilder citizens

Team Wilder believes these Motos are a tremendous opportunity for The Wilder Nation. Instead of leaving these Motos within the confines of the DAO, the best use would be to release them to carry out the vision of Proposal 0 and achieve our target goals.

The Rarest Moto in the Genesis Collection

Go Forth and Spread the Wilder Spirit

If passed through the vote by Moto holders, this proposal will greenlight a few simple, but powerful actions that will transmit vibrant new energy through our community.

To start, 16.7% (1,063) of the Moto Genesis Collection will remain in the Moto DAO. Previous DAO allocations for Wilder collection launches have typically been around 10% but it has varied; this initial action keeps us in line with what we’ve done in the past and leaves some Moto leftover for future initiatives.

The remaining 501 Moto will be used in a community outreach initiative where Motos are offered to use in giveaways hosted by a total of 80 projects, communities, and KOLs in the NFT industry. These recipients will be handpicked by our dedicated research team with the primary goals of increasing the number of Wilder NFT holders and bringing Wilder World to brand new people who haven’t yet experienced the Wilder Spirit.

The giveaways will bring in brand new Wilders to our project, serve as foundational acts to build long lasting relationships across the Web3 industry, and heighten the cultural relevance of Wilder World.

They will not be surface-level giveaways as typically seen in the NFT space. Education and building relationships between The Wilder Nation and the other great communities and key well-respected individuals in the industry will be essential components of the rollout of Proposal 0.

We’re taking everything that we’ve learned from our own experiences (Wilder Wheels giveaway campaign) and observations of the space to execute this strategy so that it has lasting benefits to Wilders and a noticeable positive impact on the project.

With these giveaways, the Motos will serve as a new avenue to open doors to spaces where the story of Wilder World can be told to educate the broader NFT ecosystem about the project.

Callout: The rollout of Proposal 0 will be a fluid process. We’ve intentionally decided to not include specifics in regards to its execution because providing all the details of the proposal would require us to execute those plans to a tee. Leaving the implementation specifics out of Proposal 0 allows our team to pivot and execute the Proposal amid a rapidly changing Web3 environment that requires we adapt on the fly in certain situations.

Hypothetical Example 1

“UltraMega Avatar 0101” is an NFT project with 35,283 Twitter followers and 4,000 holders. Team Wilder reaches out to Team UltraMega Avatar 0101 with an offering of 5 Wilder Motos to give to their community. The gesture serves as an initial relationship building step between the projects, provides an invitation to join the Wilders on the road to the metaverse, and gets five new people into the Wilder ecosystem.

Hypothetical Example 2

“NFTfan23” runs a daily Twitter Spaces for late night degens at 11:00pm EST. The show averages 528 listeners per day. Team Wilder reaches out to NFTfan23 and offers 10 Motos for their audience. This brings up Wilder World as a conversation for the Spaces that can continue on indefinitely into the future so long as interest is established and maintained. Their listeners join our Discord, learn about the project, and start buying Wilder NFTs off of secondary markets. Those listeners then bring up Wilder World in other Twitter Spaces they participate in.

In each hypothetical example provided and every real world future application of this outreach initiative, the theme remains consistent throughout: Wilder Motos being used as tools to raise awareness for Wilder World, ignite Web3 relationships, drive our project deep into the culture of NFTs, and bring fresh new holders into our community.

At the absolute best, we would gain 501 brand new Wilders through this initiative; a unique wallet holder increase of 18%. However, we must consider that some recipients will list their Motos for sale; even if only 50% of recipients hold onto their Motos, our unique holder count will still increase by 9%. This perspective is the reason we’ve chosen 10% as our target increase in unique holders.

A holder count increase of that magnitude would be a massive victory for all Wilders and bring a wave of new energy into our community and fresh demand for Wilder assets across all NFT collections.

How to Vote

Wilders must own a Wilder Moto Genesis NFT to participate in the voting process for Proposal 0. If you haven't yet secured the newest iteration of 5D speed, head over to OpenSea or WWMM to participate.

Wilders must own a Moto BEFORE Proposal 0 goes live on August 5th in order to participate.

Each Moto held by Wilders will equate to one vote for the Proposal.

The voting process Wilders will follow is showcased in the video below:

zDAO Voting Process

To sum it up, this is a community growth proposal that has the potential to increase our number of wallet holders to approximately 3,158 people; an 18% increase!

This proposal has the full support of Team Wilder and we’re ready to rock and roll with all cylinders firing once the vote passes. Successfully implementing growth strategies like Proposal 0 are our primary objective as we head into the latter chapters of 2022 and Wiami Land Sale.

We look forward to the completion of voting and hope to get started right away with executing the vision!

The Wilders Salute You.