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Welcome to #Wiami, Knights of Degen!

Welcome to #Wiami, Knights of Degen!

The Wilders are ecstatic to announce that Knights of Degen (KoD) will be moving into #Wiami. To get a feel for what #Wiami is all about, check out this thread from top Degen K on some of the finer points of our new home.

Knights of Degen is a group of 8,888 NFT “degens” who spend their days at the Degen Tavern sports bar talking all things crypto and P2E , and now they'll be bringing their  carousing community into the Wilder Metaverse. Each KoD is one-of-a-kind, and it's constructed from over 188 different characteristics, including body type, armament, headwear, and more.

Wiami is Wilder's first release site in the Metaverse, and Knights of Degen will be some of the earliest decentralized degens to reside in the city core. Degenr’s will be able to access the Metaverse space when Wilder World comes out of closed beta in 2022 - until then, the projects will collaborate closely together on designing the architecture of the Degen Tavern.

The KoDs have been searching for a photorealistic mixed reality metaverse hang out, where their community can rub shoulders and spread the KoD lore. Wiami, located in the Wilder portal, is the perfect mix of hyper-realism and fantasy to attract these noble Knights, with its rich tapestry of visual and customization options.

The Tavern will open on Degen Alley as a one-of-a-kind hangout in #Wiami's city center for Wilders to fraternize with the KoD Nobles, Dukes, Knights, Villagers, and Royalty.

To celebrate the Tavern's grand opening, the Wilders and KoD wanted to give you an inside track with a Knights x Wilder Wheels giveaway.

That's all for now, Knights! We'll be seeing you in #Wiami soon!

Find out more about #Wiami, Wilder Wheels and KoD on our Twitter Spaces Pitstop at 5PM PST today

Head to Knights of Degen and Wilder World’s Twitter page later today to enter the KoD Wilder Wheels giveaway.

The Wilders and Knights salute you.