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Wilder.Craft, the rarest mode of transportation in Wiami to date

Wilder.Craft, the rarest mode of transportation in Wiami to date

Well that was a wild ride with Wilder.Craft selling out in less than 10 minutes. Be sure to stay strapped in Wilders, as we continue the Quantum journey and reveal what makes each Wilder.Craft so unique and rare.

As you know, Wilder.Craft is the first collection of Quantum Crafts in the Wilder World Metaverse, allowing you to explore the streets and skies of Wiami.

We acknowledge that there were some technical difficulties and some Wilders encountered gas wars with failed transactions. Please see our ZINE titled "The Wilder Way" to see how those impacted will be rewarded.

The collection consists of 501 unique, 5D photorealistic, drivable and metaverse-ready Crafts. There are 5 types of Crafts in total, and each “type” is used as a primary attribute.

The most common type of Wilder.Craft is the “Model M” and will range to the most rare type, which is the “Model Z”, adding a layer of excitement and prestige, from the minting process and beyond.

  • Model M
  • Model E
  • Model O
  • Model W
  • Model Z

There are an additional 14 types of attributes which make up each unique Wilder.Craft NFT, and these are also used for the rarity calculation.

The attributes types are:

  • Name
  • Industry
  • Front Component
  • Rear Component
  • Spoiler
  • Front Kit
  • Rear Kit
  • Scoop
  • Splitter
  • Mirror
  • Pattern
  • Environment
  • Primary Color
  • Number Plate

Every Wilder.Craft have two attributes in common which are ‘Industry’ and ‘Environment’, whereas the ‘Number plate’ attribute is unique for each and every Wilder.Craft! This is an added touch of individuality and will help you to identify your Wilder.Craft proudly in Wiami. It should be noted that all attributes have the same weight and each and every Wilder.Craft is built from the ground up with these attributes.

A very special shout-out goes to Wild Bookman who has shown the Wilder Spirit and blessed the Wilder Nation with a very special in-depth overview of the Wilder.Craft collection! Follow the links below to dive down the rabbit hole:

Wilder.Craft Collection Properties

Wilder World sales and rarity database

Be sure to share your Craft on Twitter and in the Wilder World Discord. For those who missed out, stay tuned for AIR WILD season one and Wilder.Pets coming soon. See you in the skies over Wiami lucky holders of these rare Wilder NFT Crafts.

The Wilders salute you.